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Sit Back and Smell the Roses

7 Mar

Life can move pretty fast. Sometimes you need to just sit back and enjoy the small gifts that are sitting right in front of you. I for one, yes I admit, am guilty of not doing this as often as I should.  I am the kind of person who knows I have more blessings than I could possibly count, but still allow unimportant things to bother me.  Since moving out of my parents house indefinitely I have been trying more and more to see the big picture of life. While I know I’m too young to see more than just a few strokes of that picture, I have been working hard to appreciate what is sitting right in front of me.   Sometimes its a simple phone call from my parents, a text from my boyfriend, or a smile from a stranger. Sometimes its a simple the dog showing her love when I walk in the door.  Each of these little moments add up…